I am consistently on Blogger and Disqus with
this picture, not my real one, which is on the
Internet, however... 

This blog has been re-activated. As the French say, je m'en fiche, at least as far as readership goes. They come & go. My opinions have changed, links are dead, videos are offline. But it's my forum to write, and write from time to time I shall. 

I began this blog while a high school senior in a public school in Louisville, Kentucky. I participated in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which helped form me, both by training and by reaction, into the intellectual creature that I am. My family attends the historic St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church on Shelby Street, where I served the Holy Mass on 10:00 AM Sunday in the usus recentior and transitioned to nearly exclusively serving the ancient rite.

I graduated from Franciscan University in 2016 with my BA in History, and while I was there I participated in the Austrian Program. I greatly enjoyed it and was graced so much during my years in Steubenville, so from time to time items, both positive and occasionally negative, will be posted based on my experiences in university. I'm not trying to burn my bridges, I swear.

 John 15:13 is my favorite Gospel passage, and Psalm 42, quoted in the subtitle of the blog, is my favorite Psalm. Ephesians 5 and 1 Corinthians 13 are my favorite Epistle passages; they occur in the greatest stretch of Epistles in the liturgical year, on Lent III and on Quinquagesiam Sunday respectively.

I love my family and friends. Humans are social creatures, and I'd be totally lost without them. Man is truly not fit to be alone. But I am the greatest of sinners, and I love so imperfectly, and only by the graces of God.

Oh, and babies. They are the second-greatest thing ever, behind laughter, according to The Muppets movie from 2011. :) I will stop and look at babies, especially if they are in onesies with feet, virtually any time. They are so adorable! [I left this hear, because it's "me," if a bit too personal for the public Internet, and the comment makes no sense without it.]

I started this blog on the feast of Christ the King in 2012, as my efforts for the Year of Faith called by Pope Benedict to further the New Evangelization began by Saint Pope John Paul II in 2000. I try to blog daily, but school and other obligations occasionally prevent that. The plan is to continue the blog as long as possible, here or on another site. I'll refrain from editorial commentary on the Year of Faith, the New Evangelization, etc. here.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Mary, I am thine, and all I have is thine. 

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