Prayer Requests

The comment box below will be for any prayer intention. I can take this list and add them to my prayer list and my family prayer list. We should all do this, and offer, among other prayers, Rosaries, Holy Hours, and Masses (whether we officially do the last one officially or not). Though a priest does not usually say a name out loud for the list is too long, when he stops in the Canon, it is because he is praying silently for someone or someones where it indicates 'N.' for name. This means we laypeople most certainly can and should do it too!


  1. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr Charles Schoebaechler, CR, and a personal intention of mine that I entrusted to St Joseph.

  2. Please pray to the Blessed Mother, St Gianna Molla and Blessed Pope John Paul II, whose birthday is on Saturday, (and for good measure, my patrons Matthew James, Patrick, and Thomas Aquinas) for the success of day 1 of work on my Eagle Scout project! I am installing an in-ground irrigation system for a maternity home here in Louisville for women in crisis pregnancy situations, and they have been so patient with me over the two years it has taken me to work on it...Thanks a bunch.

    Also please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Ray Hoffman, CR.